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Monthly Archive: January 2015

Corporate Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility

By Jeremy Moon, Velux Professor of Corporate Sustainability, CBS —

The relationship between corporate governance (CG) and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a vexed, yet a vital, one for each of these regulatory logics.  Accordingly, it is a key issue for the business of society.

It seems to me that CSR and CG are not the same thing; nor different things; nor the other side of the same coin.  Rather, they are overlapping; inter-related; potentially mutually tempering or reinforcing.  CG emphasizes external regulation and internal control of the firm by legal means and assumes that the monitoring function is …

The Faroe Islands: UNspoiled, UNdiscovered, UNbelievable – The Faroese Oil Industry: UNdisputed, UNquestioned, UNchallenged

By Árni Jóhan Petersen, Ph.d., CBS — Photo and copyright by Stig Nygaard —

The Faroe Islands are economically dependent on a clean environment for their fishing industry but up to now the community has not challenged the potential downsides of the Faroese oil industry. The consequences of the oil industry could have negative effects on the nature and thereby the future of the community in the Faroes. Why do the downsides not concern the local people? Is it ignorance? Is it the hope for a wealthier future? Is the progression within the oil industry an irreversible process? What